Allow Good Things to Happen


I love this blog post so much. So true!

Originally posted on The Daily Goddess:


“Every time you feel like you should make something happen, replace it with:
Oh, what I really want to do is to allow things to happen.
And then enhance it even further with:
At their own pace, in their own time,
on the schedule that has been laid out,
with nothing to do with me.
I don’t have to force it.
Everything is working out.
All is well.
It is unfolding perfectly.
The path will light up.
I’ve done my work.
I’ve put it in there.
Now my work is to allow myself
at the right time,
in the right place,
with the right people to rendezvous.”

~ Abraham-Hicks  (Denver, CO, 09/03/2011)

Today’s Mantra: I allow good things to happen.

photo: Wild Goose Island, Glacier National Park, Montana

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