What I’ve Learned About Mindfulness


I’m not sure when the busyness started; a month, two months ago…

Lots of work deadlines, less free time, feeling tired… it all adds up. And, you think – maybe this can be dealt with by working harder? Getting more done?

However, in reality, most of us have busy schedules and to-do list, which don’t end after a period of time: we are constantly on the go.

As I found myself feeling more stressed and seeing that  my usual ‘toolbox’ wasn’t quite cutting it, I ‘remembered’ mindfulness and started to put some of the principles into action. I’ve read books on mindfulness although this really isn’t the point; I’m definitely only starting to begin my mindful journey!

But, yes it has helped! Yes, I forget some of the principles. Yes, I do need constant reminding BUT it’s an amazing life skill to have. Below are some of my favourite mindful nuggets of advice.

  1. There’s actually a very little you can do right NOW in this moment. So, forget your to-do list – focus on what you’re doing right now. Fretting about your to-do list, doesn’t change a thing.
  2. The future, despite being creatures of habit, is UNKNOWN. The next ten minutes is unknown, the afternoon is unknown, the week is unknown – you do not know how it is going to work out. This makes me feel peaceful, actually.
  3. Right now, in this moment, you do not have any problems.
  4. Stress and unease comes from wanting this moment to be different to what it is. Relax. It is what it is!
  5. Focus on what you are doing as well as you can. Forget your past. Forget your future. Breathe properly. Use your senses.
  6. Work on one task at a time – enjoy it, stressing about the next tasks makes you feel rubbish and is not productive at all.
  7. Most perceived routes to happiness and peace are misguided, i.e. ‘When I get …’ and it’s a sad fact that we can live our whole lives thinking like this. Peace is here right now… not in the future.

I am currently reading Mind Calm and have also enjoyed Mindfulness for Busy People.

I am certain that adopting just a few mindful principles can really help you feel more relaxed. What do you think? Do you have any other great tips?



Serena Dyer – Don’t Die with Your Music Still In You

I’ve pre-ordered the book, ‘Don’t Die with Your Music Still In You‘ (out tomorrow – 16th June) written by Serena Dyer and her spiritual father, Wayne Dyer.

I am enjoying finding further spiritual ladies, who are like me – still girly, young and fun but have this spiritual side too!

I really enjoyed the interview by Dan Fowler and am looking forward to reading Serena’s book from tomorrow!


Streaks: A Daily Goal Tracker App


I believe that we should constantly strive to improve our lifestyle, to find a healthier and happier place. I also believe we should avoid getting stuck in ruts and be open to trying new things.

I currently have several, small daily goals that I’m looking to achieve. Ones which, I hope, with small a small daily practice will become habits. For example, I am currently looking to: meditate, complete a small yoga session, write in my gratitude diary and create a small but healthy change in my diet – daily! 


So the app, Streaks, is perfect to help me see my progress and to motivate me. Gabby Bernstein recommends the app as does Stephanie from Spirited Well-being. The app helped Gabby quit sugar, for example.

I recently wrote a post on some of my favourite iPhone apps for gratitude, mediation, healthy food and mantras – check out that post here. 

Have you got any fantastic suggestions to help me to stick to my goals? Do you have any healthy daily goals?


Organic Veg. Box

Organic Veg Box

I wanted to share with you our organic veg. box which we have been buying now for several years.

We love our veg. box because:

  • it gets you trying different veg. – despite being a vegetarian most of my life, I had never heard of kale, fennel, celeriac, pak choi, jerusalem artichokes and had certainly never tried them.
  • you vary the veg. you eat all year round – our box is seasonal, so you don’t tire of eating the same things all year around.
  • great for the local economy – local farm produce or alternatively produce is sourced in an ethical way.
  • little additional extras – often in spring we receive free daffodils!
  • organic is better for you.

Naturally, when your presented with more unusual veg. such as kale, celeriac etc. it is difficult to know what to cook with these. Fortunately, I’ve noticed these more unusual, seasonal veg. are becoming more common place in our cookbooks. Despite this, I would definitely recommend the GoodFood website as well as seasonal cookbooks, try Abel & Cole.

We receive our veg. box from Woodlands Farm. 

Do you have a seasonal veg. box? Do you have any great recipes or cook books for seasonal veg.?